Allowed LTV Events

List of App Object's LTV events metrics that can be used in reports. See Supported Parameters of report.

Example of API response:

    "id": 23456,
    "name": "Some Advertiser",
    "mobile_object_enabled": true,
    "mobile_objects": [
        "id": 43,
        "name": "The App",
        "type": "AppObject",
        "icon_url": "",
        "os_id": 11,
        "ltv_events": [
        "id": 51,
        "name": "https://some-website",
        "type": "SiteObject",
        "icon_url": null,
        "os_id": null,
        "ltv_events": []
    "enterprise": {
      "id": 12345,
      "name": "Example enterprise"

Above API response returns "Install" LTV event for "The App" App object. ltv_u_ prefix is used for count unique events .

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