Event API Integration

How to send in-app/ in-web/ in-ad events to Kayzen platform


Kayzen platform has a robust event and audience API. Advertisers can send specific events directly to Kayzen and use the powerful and flexible audience segmentation feature to create and target different user cohorts

Base URL

Query Parameters

api_keyYesUnique api key for your account/ app/website. You can get this api_key from Kayzen UI
idfaPreferrediOS unique IDFA
gaidPreferredGoogle unique advertising ID
idfvPreferrediOS unique identifier by a publisher
activity_kindNoType of event. For eg; event, install, impression
package_nameNoAndroid app bundle name/ IOS app store ID
app_eventYesName of the event that you have recorded. eg: app_open, registration, purchase etc.
event_itemsNoFor any event, you can pass multiple event in a JSON format. Eg: in case of purchase of an item, you can pass attribute like price, product_id, colour, currency etc. Nested JSON must be URL encoded string of array of JSON. For multiple attributes JSON is preferred. For single attribute this can be string as well.

event_items JSON should be encoded (ref eg below)
can_claimYes0 (default attribute)- Unattributed event
1- attributed event.
view_throughNo0 (default value)- click based attribution
1- Impression based attribution
bid_idYesPass through parameter. Pass the click_id that was recorded when the user clicked on ad.
is_reengagementNo0-it's not a re-engagement event
1- it's a re-engagement event
event_tsPreferredTimestamp the event occurred.
revenue_USDNoRevenue generated in USD from an event for eg. a purchase event.
If revenue is generated in other currency, use below 2 fields instead.
revenueNoRevenue generated from an event for eg. a purchase event
currencyNoCurrency in ISO - 4217 format
c0,c1,c2NoGeneric pass through variables. Use these parameters for passing value of custom value.

Sample API End Point