Create Authentication Token

Create access token required for all other APIs

Kayzen API supports standard OAuth with password grant type.

You are required to pass the Authorization: Basic ... header, by deriving values from base64 encoded string<API_Key>:<API_Secret_Key>, which you can get in Audience & Reporting API Integration settings in Console UI.

For example, if your API Key was aaa and your API Secret Key was bbb, the base64 encoded string would be base64('aaa:bbb') or 'YWFhOmJiYg==' and the full header would be: Authorization: Basic YWFhOmJiYg==

You also must pass your email and password for Kayzen Console in username and password fields of the JSON request body. Refer to this link to learn how to get your API Key and API Secret Key.

The response is a JSON object containing access_token, which is an OAuth token. You must include it in the header of all future requests as Authorization: Bearer ....

The token expires in 30 mins, after which you will need to make a new authentication call again and use the newly issued OAuth token for subsequent requests.

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