List Bid Multipliers

Use this API to get a list of existing bid multipliers of a campaign

The table below tells how to interpret key_name values for different types of bid multipliers:

typekey_name values
app_bundleApp Bundle
app_idPlacement ID
auction_typeAuction Type
- "1" for 1st price auction
- "2" for 2nd price auction
exchange_idExchange ID, use Exchanges for reference
connection_typeNetwork Type
- "cellular" for Cellular
- "wifi" for Wi-Fi
has_device_idDevice Identifier
- "0" No device identifier present
- "1" Device Identifier is present
country_idCountry ID, use Countries for reference
state_idState ID, use States for reference
city_idCity ID, use Cities for reference
ad_formatAd Format
- 'Banner',
- 'Interstitial'
- 'Native'
- 'Rewarded'
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