Supported Parameters

Kayzen reporting API allows you to create, update, view and delete your campaign's performance reports

Supported metrics, filters and group_by parameters are listed below


winsTotal count of auctions won
impressionsTotal count of ad-impressions served
clicksTotal count of clicks
conversionsTotal count of conversions as defined by a conversion_object
unique_usersTotal count of unique_users who did a conversion action. Defined as part of conversion_object
ct_installs (deprecated)Total count of click-through attributed installs
vt_installs (deprecated)Total count of view-through attributed installs
installsTotal number of installs. Value will change based on selected attribution sources (default: mmp) and attribution type(default: Total). See below for more details
win_rateValue between 0 - 1. Multiply by 100 to get the number in percentage. Win Rate is calculated as Wins/Bids.
ctrValue between 0 - 1. Multiply by 100 to get the number in percentage. CTR is calculated as clicks/impressions
conversion_rateValue between 0 - 1. Multiply by 100 to get the number in percentage. Conversion rate is calculated as installs/clicks
video_startTotal count of video start events
video_first_quartileTotal count of video first quartile events
video_midpointTotal count of video midpoint events
video_third_quartileTotal count of video third quartile events
video_completeTotal count of video complete events
advertiser_ecpmEffective cost per thousand impressions
advertiser_ecpcEffective cost per click
advertiser_ecpiEffective cost per install
advertiser_ecpaEffective cost per Conversion action as defined by conversion object
advertiser_spendCost incurred by advertiser
revenue_ltvTotal revenue generated for the advertiser
roi_ltvReturn on AdSpend (RoAS) = Total revenue generated / Advertiser Spend

You can use LTV events as metric. Example of LTV event metric: ltv_u_advertiser_23456_mobobj_43_event_2240793_Install. To get a list of LTV events you need to use Allowed LTV Events API.

Cohort Metrics

You can use Cohort metrics. Possible cohort metrics:

cohort_sizeCohort Size
cohort_retained_usersRetained Users
cohort_retention_rateRetention Rate
cohort_cost_per_reattributionCost per Reattribution. Require "rt" cohort_user_segments

When selected cohort metrics you must select Cohort Day Dimensions (cohort_days) and User Segment (cohort_user_segments)

Possible values for cohort_days are: "0", "1", "3", "7", "14", "30".
Possible values of cohort_user_segments:

uaNew Installers (UA)
rtReattributed users


FiltersDescriptionSample/ Supported Values
tag Array of tags created by the user.Sample Value-
line_item_id Array of line item id's. Also represented in the UI as OrdersSample Value- 104669
campaign_id Array of unique campaign id'sSample Value- 138939.
Please refer to Campaigns
deal_id Array of unique deal id'sSample Value- 2349
creative_id Array of unique creative idsSample Value- 50279679
Please refer to Creatives
exchange_id Array of programmatic exchange id'sPlease refer to Exchanges
app_object_idArray of unique advertiser app object id'sSample Value - [10, 12]
Please refer to App Objects
site_object_idArray of unique advertiser website object id'sSample Value - [11, 13]
Please refer to Site Objects
app_id Array of publisher app ids: Unique Kayzen specific id for every publisher app per exchangeSample Value- 63webhaubwajhb27820
app_bundle_id Array of publisher app bundle ids: Unique appstore/playstore bundle ID for publisher appSample Value- com.forthblue.pool
user_country_id Array of country ids: Kayzen specified ID's for every countryPlease refer to Countries
user_state_idArray of state ids: Kayzen specified ID's for every statePlease refer to States
user_city_idArray of cities ids: Kayzen specified ID's for every cityPlease refer to Cities
device_model_idArray of device model ids: Kayzen specified ID's for every device modelPlease refer to Device Models
manufacturer_id Array of manufacturer ids: Unique ID for device manufacturersPlease refer to Manufacturers (Device)
carrier_idArray of carrier ids: Unique ID for carriers carriersPlease refer to Carriers
traffic_type Type of traffic on which campaign served.Supported Value-
has_device_identifierPresence of device idSupported Value-

-> true - 1
-> false - 0
is_rewardedType of rewarded inventorySupported Value-

-> true - 1
-> false - 0
connection_type Type of user connection.Supported Values-
Carrier Network,
publisher_store_categoryArray of app category ids: Kayzen specified value's for every app categoriesPlease refer to App Categories
advertised_app_store_categoryArray of app category ids: Kayzen specified value's for every app categoriesPlease refer to App Categories
hourHour24 hour format, e.g., 3 or 21

Group By

FieldDescriptionSample/ Supported Values
year calendar yearSample Value- 2019
month calendar monthSupported Values- 1, 2,12
day calendar dateSample Value- 21 March 2019
hourHour of the day. Range is 0-23Sample Value- 1 (for 01:00)
line_item_name Name of line items. Line items are represented as Orders in the UISample Value- Test Order
line_item_id ID of line items. Line items are represented as Orders in the UISample Value- 104669
campaign_name Name of the campaignsSample Value- Test Campaign
campaign_id Unique ID of the campaignSample Value- 138939
dealid Unique PMP deal id'sSample Value- 2349
campaign_type Optimization algorithm that the campaign is using.Supported Values-
creative_name Creative name in the platformSample Value- Test Creative
creative_id Unique ID per creativeSample Value- 50279679
creative_type Type/format of creativeSupported Values-
device_modelNames of the device modelsSupported Values- SM-G960U
is_ssl Specify whether creative's click and impression URL were secure url's or notSupported Values-
0 - Non Secure
1- Secure
has_device_identifierSpecifies whether the impression was served on a bid request which had user identifier (IDFA/GAID) present or missingSupported Values-
0 - Device identifier not present
1- Device identifier present
is_rewardedSpecifies whether the impression was served on a rewarded inventory or notSupported Values-
0 - Non rewarded inventory
1- Rewarded inventory
video_duration Length of video file. Example: 15sec, 30sec, 45secSample Value- 15, 29, 30
video_resume Total count of video resume eventsSample Value- 139282
exchange_name Name of programmatic exchanges integrated with Kayzen PlatformPlease refer to Exchanges
exchange_id Unique ID for programmatic exchanges on Kayzen platformPlease refer to Exchanges
app_name Exchange specific publisher app name. Same app might have different names across exchangesSample Value- Pool Billiards Pro
app_id Exchange specific Unique ID for publisher apps. Same app will have different app_id across exchangesSample Value- 3b01c74ab91c8f7f78caae7c38428434
app_bundle_id Playstore/App store bundle id/app id for the publisher appcom.king.candycrushsaga
app_object_nameAdvertiser app name in Playstore / AppStoreSample Value -
Angry Birds 2
site_object_nameAdvertiser site URLSample Value -
app_object_store_idAdvertiser app's android package Name / iOS App IDSample Value -
user_country_id List of Kayzen specific Country ID'sPlease refer to Countries
country List of Country namesPlease refer to Countries
country_code Alpha-2 digit ISO country code for every countrySample Value- US for The United States of America
state_nameList of State namesSample Value- California
state_codeState Code as defined by ISO-3166-2 standard of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1Sample Value- US-CA
city_nameList of City namesSample Value- San Francisco
traffic_type Type of traffic on which campaign servedSupported Value-
carrier_nameList of the user's network namesSample Value- Vodafone
os_name Name of the user's device operating systemPlease refer to OS- Operating System
os_version_name Operating system version of user's devicePlease refer to OS Version
manufacturer_name Device's manufacturer namePlease refer to Manufacturers (Device)
manufacturer_id Kayzen specific unique ID of device manufacturersPlease refer to Manufacturers (Device)
connection_type Type of user connectionSupported Values-
Carrier Network ,
advertiser_name Advertiser name in Kayzen PlatformSample Value- Test Advertiser
advertiser_id Advertiser ID in Kayzen PlatformSample Value- 12274
publisher_store_categoryApp store category in Kayzen platformPlease refer to App Categories
advertised_app_store_categoryApp store category in Kayzen platformPlease refer to App Categories

Attribution Sources

mmpValues based on MMP attribution. For instance, the install count based on MMP attribution
selfValues based on Self attribution. For instance, the install count based on Self attribution
assistedDifference between MMP and Self assisted attribution numbers for a given metric. Represented as percentage

Attribution Types

clickAttribution values based on last Click attribution
viewAttribution values based on last view attribution
totalSum of Click through (CT) and View through (VT) attribution